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Stomach problems & hemorrhoid problems :

I have been having uncontrollable urinating problems for over 20 years. I also have been having stomach problems for more than 10 years. Every time I eat it hurts very badly when I swallowed my food. I have to hold my stomach because of the pain. I also have bad Hemorrhoid. Every time I go to use the restroom I see a lot of blood come out and the hemorrhoid also stick out the size of a chicken egg. I have numbness on my feet and my legs. I have no energy and get tired very easily. It is very hard to fall asleep. I have taken Chinese medicine, traditional herbal medicine, and modern medicine. I felt better for a few days but symptoms came back again.

I had to tolerate all this pain until July 4th, 2009. My husband brought me a box of Amazing MRET Water. That day, I was feeling very ill. I drank about a glass of Amazing MRET Water and 30 minutes later I felt a lot better. That night I drank few more glasses of water. The next morning I had to travel about 200 miles away and it surprised me that I didn’t feel sick at all. I continued drinking for two weeks and all my symptoms seemed to have gone away and I felt much better. I do not have any problems when I go to use the restroom. I was breathing better and my hemorrhoid went more 60% away. I can eat and my stomach doesn’t hurt anymore. I have a lot more energy.

Thank you Amazing MRET Water and I would like everyone to drink Amazing MRET Water because it will help you with your health problems and when you are healthy life is wonderful.

Mrs. Amphavan Vongchanty, 46 years old.

When approached with its potential benefits, I researched the studies, tried the MRET product myself, and have continued to drink Amazing MRET water on a regular basis. As a surgeon, I occasionally need to be in the OR for extended periods of time, which used to take me about a day to recover. Since I have been drinking MRET water, I am able to bounce back the next day. All my family enjoy the benefit of MRET water.

Dr. T.S. Dulkanchainun, MD- California

   I had Diabetes and High Blood Pressure since I was 32 years old.
On June 11, 2010, I suffered from a Heart Attack. While in the hospital, I was not able to urinate for 4 days. Three doctors told me I had kidney failure, heart disease, pneumonia, high blood sugar, and high blood pressure. They told me that I had up to 3 days to live. The doctors wanted to operate on my chest to connect for hemodialysis but it was not guaranteed that I would have survived.
   My friend brought me Amazing MRET water. I started drinking about three glasses of it at 7:30. At 8:00, I fell asleep but at 2:00 I was able to urinate a lot and my diabetes and high blood pressure came down to normal range. By 6:00, I was fully able to use my excretory system and I felt much better.
I had the operation and it went successfully. After that I've been feeling better and better. It has now been 7 months and I feel much better. Call me Die Hard, thank you Amazing MRET water, I feel much stronger!

Beng Chanthavong- 62 years old- Eugene, Oregon

   I am very healthy, when I drank Amazing MRET water it was very smooth and easy to drink. I realized that after drinking a liter of water, I felt hydrated. I urinated more and the color was very clear and I felt relaxed and had more energy.
   I told my patients who had Malaria to drink Amazing MRET water along with their medication. They were able to drink more water than before and were recovering much faster.
Dr. Bounyaw SISAKANH, M.D. Houakoua clinic

   Diabetes, Kidney and Knee Problems
   I get tired very easily and I have bad eyesight. After drinking Amazing MRET water for two weeks, I had much more energy and the knee pain that I had for five years went away. I am now able to walk up and down a two story staircase while still having plenty of energy. The doctor tells me that my kidney functions are much better now. My health is now in good shape.

Nouantha CHANTHAVONG 43 years old.

Thyroid :
I am very pleased to bring you information about my health. My sickness started in the beginning of 2007. I felt very tired and had no energy. My hands and my feet were shaking; my heart was pumping very fast. It felt very unnatural. I have joint pain all over. I have to take a lot of pain medicine for my arthritis. My stomach hurts because of it. I also take numerous herbal medicines. The doctor does not know what is wrong with my health. I felt so bad I thought I had cancer or even HIV. I have been gradually losing weight from 57 kilograms to 49 kilograms.

It was the beginning of 2008 when I was diagnosed with very bad thyroid symptoms. After I was diagnosed I was taking prescription medication but my health has not improved. I was getting skinnier and my hair fell rapidly. I had a blood analysis but I still have the disease. In January of 2009 I was introduced to Amazing MRET Water. The first glass of water I consumed was very refreshing and after six days of drinking the water while taking medication all my joint pains seemed like they have gone away and my knees do not hurt when I walk. My whole body felt better and my heart was beating normal.

After that I continued to drink two to three liters a day and by day 10 my hair seemed like it has stopped falling, I even see some new hair grow. I am very pleased with the results. Two months later I went to go get my blood checked and it showed that I was back to normal. Five months later I felt more energized and my weight came back up to 55 kilograms.
I am very happy to have drunk Amazing MRET Water and I believe everyone in the world should drink this water for better health.

I would like to thank Amazing MRET Water for letting me live healthy and happily once again. I will never forget you and I will introduce the water to my friends, my patients, and I will try to let everyone know about Amazing MRET Water.

Doctor Viengkham Syhavong, 46 years old. Diagnosed with Thyroid.


While getting ready for the SEA games #25 in Laos 2009, I had to train very hard. I have always had allergies from dust such symptoms likes coughing and sneezing especially while traveling in the bus. If I didn’t cover my face with a mask it would have gotten worst. On July 7, 2009, I began drinking Amazing MRET Water. After three hours of drinking the water I released a lot of gas from my body. On the third day I was able to use the restroom with no problem because my poo was softer.
On the seventh day I saw a lot of change in my body. I do not have as much pain in my muscles as I did before. My immune system is a lot better and my allergies do not come up as often. When I drink Amazing MRET Water I do not feel bloated. When I am thirsty and I drink Amazing MRET Water my thirst is satisfied much quicker. Before when I trained very hard my urine would come out yellow like a hot tea color. After I drank Amazing MRET Water my urine now comes out clear. I sleep better, I eat better, and I would like to recommend that everyone at least try Amazing MRET Water. Don’t believe other people telling you, you have to try it yourself to know.

Nanthalad Sayavong, Boxer. back to top

High Blood Pressure (or HBP) : has a profound effect on the tissues and organs of the human body. Water processed by the Amazing MRET Water Activator also has a noticeable effect on the way blood circulates in the body. At first this can cause anxiety as tissues that have not enjoyed proper circulation begin to experience a more normal blood flow again. As anxiety can negatively effect blood pressure, it is important to remain relaxed if, while drinking MRET processed water, you experience tingling in your extremities or other signs of increased blood flow. I have talked to many happy people whose blood pressure has normalized thanks to MRET water and some have reported strange sensations that lasted a few days or a week or two at most. It is important remember that HBP does not happen overnight and any relief from this state takes time as well. The importance of proper diet and a sensible exercise routine cannot be overlooked; there is no simple solution to a lifestyle of poor dietary habits and no exercise.

I used to have muscle pain, high blood pressure, allergies and couldn't walk com fortably. When I walked up the stairs, I had to hold on to the rail and pull myself up. After I had been drinking Amazing MRET water for 10 days, my muscle pain went away. The blood pressure and allergies are getting better and now I can walk up the stairs like normal person. 31 years ago an accident left a piece of stone deeply embedded in the flesh. The doctor said that it was not necessary to take it out. Now, to my amazement, the power of the Amazing MRET water has pushed the stone up to the skin. I can hardly believe it.
Nom, 60 years old, Sacramento

I suffered from muscle pain and had to take medicine regularly for my blood pressure. After I had been drinking Amazing MRET water for 2 weeks, my blood pressure went down. Now, I don't need to take medicine. My muscle pain is gone and I lost 10 lbs. within 1 month. Thank you Amazing MRET water.
Anna, 55 years old, Sacramento

I used to have high blood pressure, heart disease and heart pounding condition but after I have drunk Amazing MRET water, I felt better. After one week my face was radiant and heart pounding condition and blood pressure got better. My sinus is 90% better and I have more energy.

Sap Taemrungid, Sylmar, Housewife
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Chemotherapy : Most commonly, chemotherapy acts by killing cells that divide rapidly, one of the main properties of cancer cells. This means that it also harms cells that divide rapidly under normal circumstances: cells in the bone marrow, digestive tract and hair follicles; this results in the most common side-effects of chemotherapy– myelosuppression (decreased production of blood cells), mucositis (inflammation of the lining of the digestive tract) and alopecia (hair loss).


”I had Lymphoma Cancer;”
    Before the doctor operated to remove the tumor, I started to drink Amazing MRET water. That night, I had a really good sleep. When I got up, I felt great like never before. When I did Chemotherapy, I felt a little tired from it. I became skinny and lost a lot of my hair, but I still had enough energy. I recovered so fast that everybody was surprised. It has been 4 years now that I have been drinking Amazing MRET water, I feel very happy to live good again.

Patcharee Smith, 70 years old, owner of Little Siam restaurant

Since I was 17, before the menstruation, my breasts were swollen and so painful. I had this problem until I was 58. The doctor suggested that I get biopsy to determine whether I had cancer. The test was negative, but the pain didn’t go away-no matter what find of medicine I took. Now I’m 67 and the pain got worse. Until the 4th day after I drunk Amazing MRET water, I noticed that my breasts were shrunk a lot and also the insomnia that I have had for more than 30 year was gone. Now I don’t need to take sleeping pills anymore and my appetite is getting better.

Keow, 68 years old, Sacramento back to top

stroke : A stroke is the rapidly developing loss of brain function(s) due to disturbance in the blood supply to the brain. This can be due to ischemia (lack of blood supply) caused by thrombosis or embolism or due to a hemorrhage. As a result, the affected area of the brain is unable to function, leading to inability to move one or more limbs on one side of the body, inability to understand or formulate speech or inability to see one side of the visual field.


It thickens when the body's lacking water, which makes it difficult for the heart to pump and distribute blood to the rest of the body. Plus, capillaries shut down creating obstacles for nutrients circulating to vital organs.

I got a stroke and could not move. I had to lie down in bed for more that three weeks. I was tired and my legs had no strength. My family heard about Amazing MRET. I tried it and have drunk it ever since. Now I can walk as normal and active than ever.

Dum, 64 years old, North Hollywood

This is a testimonial on the effects of MRET water on my mother.

My mother is 81 years old, bedridden from a stroke and suffering from diabetes as well as kidney problems. She also has water retention due to the body's inability to absorb liquid as well as medication that was prescribed, her face, hands and feet were bloated. Due to her condition, she is looked after in a nursing home with constant medication.

I came to know about MRET Water System from Dr. Igor Smirnov this year, and he told me that MRET resonated water will help my mother in terms of enhanced nutrient transport and cell hydration. I put her on MRET water for a period of 10 days. Then I fed her with milk and medicine together with MRET water. I was surprised to discover that her bedsores had dried up and her water retention problem has also disappeared! Her condition improved tremendously and her general health has also improved.

I strongly believed that MRET water has saved her from becoming worse.

Bowie Neo,Singapore back to top

All About Diabetes : Diabetes is a disease in which the body does not produce or properly use insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy needed for daily life. The cause of diabetes continues to be a mystery, although both genetics and environmental factors such as obesity and lack of exercise appear to play roles.

With the FPG test, a fasting blood glucose level between 100 and 125 mg/dl signals pre-diabetes. A person with a fasting blood glucose level of 126 mg/dl or higher has diabetes.


I had diabetes, high blood pressure, and no energy. I have to take medicine every day. After I drank Amazing MRET water, my blood glucose went down so fast and it scared me. I had to cut down the medicine. Even my doctor was so surprised because before that I had to see the doctor and pick up the medicine every month. Now only once every 2-3 months. I’m used to not believe it. Before I believe that water is just water. All water is same as far as it is clean. Until my friend told me that Amazing MRET is really works. Now I feel stronger and more energetic and active-not like before. Therefore, I bring Amazing MRET with me everywhere.

Tussanee, housewife, 78 years old

I used to have diabetes for more than a year and my blood sugar never went down. After I have drunk Amazing MRET water for 4 months my blood sugar went down from 100 to 96 and all the pain is gone. My hands and face used to be trembled since I was 26, and now that I’m 60+ my condition is getting so much better that my friends hardly see me trembling. Also, I lost almost all of my toe nails because of fungi. Now, the nails have grown back up almost as normal. Overall condition is 90%-95% better. I truly believe in Amazing MRET water. Before, I thought it was impossible, but now I believe because my health is getting better.

Romruk Phongmai, 62 years old back to top

Fatigue : Fatigue is a major safety concern in many fields, but especially in transportation, because fatigue can result in disastrous accidents. Fatigue is considered an internal precondition for unsafe acts because it negatively affects the human operator's internal state. Research has generally focused on pilots, truck drivers, and shift workers.


After drinking Amazing MRET water, I feel that my health is getting better. Before I used to be tired easily and lost hair but after I drunk Amazing MRET water, the hair grew back up. Friends asked me if I had hair transplant. Also my hair that was grey has turned black. I was and ex-boxer and used to kick the punching bag and lost the toe nails. Now, the nails grew back. Moreover, I used to have heart disease and high blood pressure. Now I don’t have to take any medicine. I drink Amazing MRET water as my energy drink when I exercise.

Jade, Panorama City

I and my husband don’t have any kind of diseases or illness at all. The reason that we drink Amazing MRET water is because I just want to find out what the result is if I have no health problem. Before, I was physically tired when I exercised. I could do only 10-15 minutes then I had to stop. But after I have drunk Amazing MRET water I don’t feel tired like before and can exercise longer. We are happier to go exercising.

Ning, 32 years old, North Hollywood


I have used Amazing MRET Water activator for at least six months, and I realized that I have more energy, especially when I play tennis. Despite my age at 50 and above I am more regular than ever. My life has changed for the better. Thank you Amazing MRET Water.

Romeo Allas, Assistant Director Small Business


When I worked, I got tired easily. By the time I got home, I felt like I would be faint and had to take medicine. I also had pain around the legs all the time because when I worked, I wore high heel shoes-not less that 6”. When I got home after work, I had to massage the feet every night. One day, after I had met Mr. Arthit, I tried drinking water from the Amazing MRET activator. At the beginning, I never thought it would work because I had tried so many things before. After one week I felt some changes. The leg pain resulting from wearing high heel shoes is gone, the nauseous feeling is gone. And the most import thing is my nail. Usually my nails are brittle, because I work on flowers arranging all the time, but not any more. Now my nails are strong. I’m very pleased that I don’t have to use the artificial nails anymore. Wow! I love it.

Patsy Chaisomboon, Funeral Director, Los Angeles

I have had asthma for 2 years. When I run, even only a short distant, I feel very tried and have trouble breathing. I couldn’t play any sports like my friends. After I drank Amazing MRET for 1 week I felt better and have been drinking it ever since. Now I can play basketball and skateboard like my friends without taking medicines.

Nitigron Sitiso, student, 12 years old back to top

‘I had suffered from gastritis for 10 year and tried many different treatments to no avail.
After drinking Amazing MRET Water for just one day the symptoms faded and I felt much better. The water has also helped my complexion. I have found that to 40% faster! I strongly recommend that everyone drink Amazing MRET Water.’

Doctor Manicanh Thipdamon  ,42
Chief of neck and Internal Medicine, Hospital 103

‘As a chef I work long days on my feet and am often tired and have aches in my muscles and joints as well as numbness in my hands. I tried Amazing MRET Water and the first day my aches and pains got worse. I continued drinking the water though and within just a few days I noticed a big improvement in my health. I was no longer so tired and my aches and pains and numbness abated. My skin got tighter and my complexion improved also. People now say I look much younger than my years! I have been drinking Amazing MRET Water for years now and recommend it to all my family and friends.’

Astsima Teparoj, 58

I had high blood pressure, bleeding blood vessels in my brain, and was unconscious for 21 days. I wasn’t able to remember much and was paralyzed for months. I began drinking Amazing MRET water and after a few days the pain subsided. I could speak more clearly and the rashes and pains were gone.

Doctor Noukham Phimmachanh, 66
Vice-Director of Hospital 103

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‘ 5 year ago I had heart bypass surgery and as a result I have suffered since then from headaches ,chronic  fatigue and my sleep had been painful and interrupted. I began drinking Amazing MRET Water about 1 year ago and noticed an improvement in my health after the very first day. After 2 week my headaches ceased and I returned to more normal sleep habits. I was very surprised and happy with these results, Thank you Amazing MRET Water!’

Saneh Phankeao, 66

‘I have suffered from kidney disease since 2002. No doctor has been able cure me. In 2007 Mr. Arthit showed me Amazing MRET Water. After only a week of drinking it I began to feel better. My stomach is feeling more comfortable, I am able to sleep well without taking medication. Within a month I had no more feeling of malaise or muscular fatigue! The amount of toxins in my blood has deceased. I am able to go to work again normally and I feel that Amazing MRET Water help me to get well. I thank Mr. Arthit Sitiso for introducing me to Amazing MRET Water.’

Mr. Viraphanh Sornprachnh
Chemistry Teacher of Doctor National University, Faculty of Science.

Preliminary medical observations at HIV center operated by a famous monk had been successful with excellent results with 4 patients: 2 HIV and 2 Psoriasis. I will send you VCD of the TV interview of the monk and the patients. Psoriasis patients report complete healing. HIV patients can now sit up and eat. There are about few thousands HIV patients living in this center and the rumor are running about miracle water…. We plan to start a full scale clinical trial soon.

Eng Lock Tan, Bangkok, Thailand.

Bee Maneewanh,10 years old.
Unable To Walk
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