Why MRET is different?
Unlike other types of water, MRET water is a physical process, non-chemical and bio-safe. No foreign substances are introduced to it so there is no chance to be intoxicated with MRET water. back to top

Why I can feel the result within 24 hrs.?
MRET water has higher molecular energy, faster vibration frequencies and more intensive vibration waves, therefore; with higher potential energy, MRET water can be assimilated easily by living cells. You can see the test result of blood cell 30 minutes later after drinking activated water. back to top

Does MRET Water contain minerals?
It depends on the source of water. If you use the water that enrich with mineral, then there are minerals in the MRET Water. We recommend you to use clean water. If you use regular tap water, you can pass it through the filter before activation. The filter will effectively remove most water borne contaminants, chlorine, phenol, and heavy metals. back to top

Will MRET change water's pH?
MRET balances the pH of water by reducing the alkalinity or acidity which depending on the source of water. back to top

Can we use MRET for cooking or activating other types of liquid?
Yes. You can activate water, milk, juice, or any liquid with our unit for better tasting wine, sweeter citric juices, more aromatic coffee and tea, fluffier rice, or softer meat. Also you will have healthier plants and fishes, and fresher flowers. back to top

Can MRET water be stored in metal container?
It is better to store MRET resonated water in a glass or plastic containers. However, you can use metal utensils while using MRET for cooking. Short-term storage in metal containers like sport bottle is all right. back to top

Can MRET Water be refrigerated?
Yes. You can store MRET in the refrigerator or at room temperature. back to top

Can I use MRET Water to wash the body?
Yes. The enhanced hydrogen bond actually balances the water's pH, making MRET Water “softer”. MRET water helps you to have softer, smoother skin, and shinier hair. Few users have reported positively on improving skin conditions, cleansing and healing infected skin, feet, faster healing of wounds and a good therapeutic effect on skin, etc. back to top

Can I wash fruits and vegetables with MRET Water?
Yes. It will keep washed vegetables and fruits longer and fresher in the refrigerator. back to top

Can I activate the water over 30 minutes?
We recommend not to over-activate the water because you will waste activated-hour of the head unit. back to top

Can I drink MRET Water daily?
Yes. MRET Water is the highest-quality drinking water that provides energy, maximum hydration, and freshness. Usual water intake per day is around 8-10 glasses. back to top

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